Remembering Uncle Cody

I am pretty sure you knew this, but Cody was named after Kevin's best friend Cody Hayes.
Cody passed away 10 years ago today.
It was a car accident, and so tragic.
He was only 19, and on his way home to open up his mission call.
 Kevin was serving his mission at this time, so wasn't around for the funeral services.
And at the funeral they opened his mission call, which was to Puerto Rico.
 I myself never had to chance to meet Cody here on earth, but I feel like I know him.
Like when we meet someday, we won't be strangers.
There's never been a bond like the bond between Kevin and Cody.

I often joke that if he were here, I wouldn't be!  They would have been living in a double wide in Hawaii.

{Cody and his Sister Amanda, who also has a son named Cody, what can we say, it's a special name}
Kevin isn't much for expressing emotions but when we blessed Cody as a baby he said "Remember who you were named after, and what it stands for.." I was balling like a baby.  I am can't help but choke up even typing this.  

We love you Hayes Family!  And we all miss Cody dearly.

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Amanda said...

Very thoughtful. Thanks suz

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