Trey's 2nd Birthday Party

Trey chose to have a Mickey Mouse birthday, and I was all for it.
I started the pinterest hunt for ideas.
I love throwing the parties and making them feel special, 
but I am not going all out crazy.  Just too much work.

We served "Hot diggity dawgs", chips, and salad.
 Mickey cupcakes in a cup.  Those cups were the best idea ever.  Less mess!
 Magic Potion drinks
(Kool-aid ice cubes and sprite)
 Trey LOVES the mickey poster, so much so that it's going to be hanging out his bedroom door soon..
 Trey.... This kid.  He sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY as loud as can be with everyone!  I was laughing.  Then he knew exactly how to blow out the candles.  He's very mature for being a two year old.  As you see I had boys on either side of me, so I had to re light the candles....3 times.....
 And loved the cake...
 And presents.  All he said was "woooook!  woook!" (look) all night.
Happy Birthday Tree, we love you!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

love the potion drink and the cup cupcakes! how cute!!! looks like a fun day! what a cutie pie!!!

Heather said...

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