Trey's 2nd Birthday

Oh Trey.  
You're two already?  Actually, I have felt like you were two for a while now (mainly the temper tantrums), but also, you speak so well, you're smart, you like to pee off the deck, you're just turning into my big boy!

You've got a lot of passion for a little guy, and you tend to fight more.  But I would actually just call you determined.  And I admire that.  I know you won't be pushing kids around forever, and you are sweet as candy to us.  The random kisses you hand out to us, must never stop!  I love love love them.  Also did I mention that you know lyrics to most songs on the radio?  It's insane!  You sing along with anything.

Thanks for being our sweet little bean.


1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i can't believe he is two!!! what a handsome little guy! happy birthday trey!

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