Cecret Lake

You know whats sad?
Its been so long since these pictures were taken, I can't remember when it was that we took them...
Labor day weekened?
We went up to Cecret lake with Shannon and her family.
Poor Cody got car sick on the way up.  
Vomit and all.
 Pictures never do it justice.  It was gorgeous.
 Trey hiked the WHOLE way.  I think it was a mile?  It got fairly steep too.
He refused to be carried.  I was impressed.
 Kelly tagged along as well.  
(he lived with us on and off this summer)
 Kelly resting by the lake.  It was really neat.  
I kept joking on the hike that the big "secret" was there was no lake.
 Cody and I.
 Trey allowed us to carry him back down.  
Don't be fooled by the picture I carried the 28 lb body the whole hike down.  
Now that the leaves are all red in the mountains I am dying to go on another hike before they are gone.

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