Danny And Monique's Sealing

What's really sad is while uploading these pictures, I don't actually have any of the bride and groom.

Kelly and I being, well, Kelly and I.
 After the sealing.  
 This is the Quirrh Mountain Temple.  
 And the sunset after.
 Upon arrival Trey was asleep. 
Cody was upset that we left him in the waiting room, then soon passed out as well.
So both boys slept in the waiting room.
 Grandma Jan brought both boys new skates :)  The love them but can't quite figure out how to use them.
Cody refers to them as his SCAPES.  
 Sunday walk.  Having a serious chat with my dad.
Just kidding.
I was so glad to be at their sealing, it's been a good 3-4 years since I've been in one.  A nice reminder to love your spouse more, beat them less, and attend the temple as often as possible.  

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