The Color Run

A few weeks ago, 2 of my friends and I did a 5K.
Google it.
It was seriously a blast.
And seeing as how it was a 5K, it wasn't super intense, or anything like that.  
It was super family friendly.
Before the race.
I had so much fun getting ready with girls, feel like it's been years!
 Melissa AFTER.
Poor girl went through the blue station cheering and got shot IN THE MOUTH.  She looked over at me with blue teeth, to which I burst out with laughter.  Nice friend right?  We decided she looked like Mel Gibson is Bravehart with the blue face.  FREEEEEEEDOOOOOM!!
 I always joke how my elbow pits sweat more than my actual arm pits.  Mix that with color corn starch...
 The parts of my body that had more sweat were stained for a day or two.  
Shannon lead the pack, and I stayed back with Melissa.  She said she would turn around to find me and all she saw was an orange orb of color.  
I was raped with color at the orange station, looked like an orange pig pen.  Hahaha.

I can't wait to do it again next year.

1 comment:

SB said...

It was so much fun!! But then again you have a way of making EVERYTHING fun! Team Suzi all the way!

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