Iphone Dumpage

Here are a few randoms from my phone this summer.  
You don't have to read the whole post...

Herriman had a fire this year, scared the crap out of me at first...
 then I went and saw Magic Mike with Missy to forget the fear. 
And I did.
 Kevin did the dishes without me asking.  Had to be documented.  Just sayin.
 I joined the cult of hipsters and about myself TOMS for my birthday.
 Also attempted the sock bun.  I loved.  Kevin did not.
 My best friend came down to visit me.  What did I do?  What I always do when I love someone..
 They boys and I have been to Target an average of 3 times a week ALL SUMMER LONG.
I think we keep them in business.
 Movie in the park.  It wasn't a huge success.  I froze my lady balls off.
Trey tried to join another family.  Maybe next year won't suck.
 Kevin and Trey nap this way every Sunday.
 I caught the "refashion" bug.  Tackled a few shirts that I NEVER wore.  And now I will wear them!
 They boys have started wrestling.  And beating each other.  Oy.
 Colored my hair 38 times.  Not literally.  But close.
 Started wearing skinny jeans.  With the long shirt, you can't see my saddle bags as much.
 About once a week we head over to the grocery store for Donuts and Jammies.  
 And I bribe them with suckers sometimes. 
 Trey has been diagnosed with narcalepsy.  Also.  Not really.  But seriously.  He might.

 Bought new nerd glasses for $1.  Love them. You don't have to.  
 Trey is a stinker pie.  This kid is seriously sassy.  Good think he's so cute.
That's all for now.  

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