Cody started Preschool today!  
He has no interest in wearing his back pack, funny kid.
It took a candy bribe to get him to take a picture with it.  
When we got there he kinda clung to the car, but then ran right in, came back out so I could give him a kiss, then ran in again and shut the door.

I thought I'd be more sad that he was gone, but I guess it hasn't hit me yet.  

Cody also started articulation speech therapy this week.  Poor fell, no one can understand him, but Kevin and I.  When he was tested he scored a 30%, and the lady said he scored that well because I was there to translate.  It's only twice a month but they send us home with "homework" and lots of tips and tricks to help improve how he talks.  A lot of it is that Cody holds his mouth funny when he talks.  He under bites (on purpose) constantly!  Or he bites his lip and tries to talk this way, or out of the side of his mouth only :)  I am thinking whatever helps improve his communication for me as a parent would be great.  

They also said that maybe because he doesn't communicate so well, that maybe he doesn't always understand, which would explain his listening skills.  Which really don't exist.  Things like following simple directions should only improve.  


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