Making Goals, and stuff

I make goals every January like everyone else.  It's pretty much the only thing I enjoy about celebrating a new year.  And I always try to set goals that are realistic.  As in, I know I will always swear somewhat, although I've knocked it down to pretty much one word.  "Damnit".  Now Cody will say it once in a while....whoopsies.  
Weight loss goals are far too trendy for me.  Although I did set a small goal for JUST January.  We will not eat out the entire month.  I've gone 16 days before, I can do 15 more.  And it's not for the calories, it's for our wallet.  Also in the same goal, I am trying hard to reduce the amount of baked goods and Candy I carry in this house.  I have about 1/4 cup of sugar left, and am refusing to buy more.  

Fingers Crossed!

My biggest goal I've pondered about it to be a better house wife, and mother.
I want to not feel like I am always 3 days behind on laundry, or that checking facebook and instagram are more important that sitting on the floor and playing cars with my boys..
Things like that.
 I'd like Kevin to come home to a cooked meal every evening, rather than our usual "What's for dinner?"  "Well I don't know, what do you want?"  "Whatever you want.." crap.  It gets old.  For us both.  
This means more meal planning, less crafts, less internet, more "home" time together, more prayers and scripture reading, and more bonding in general.

What goals have you set for this new year?
By the by, I can hardly believe it's 2013!

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