Trey and his "baba"

Trey is a huge fan of the bottle.
Or at least he was.
Well into his second year of life.
2 years 4 months exactly.

I wasn't going to bother taking it away from him after he turned one.
He loved it, and it kept him calm and relaxed.  
Which lasted well into year two.  
And since I was in no mood to fight him, I let him keep it.

I noticed he would cry for his "BA BAAA" but chug it down fast, and then not really relax like he used to.  Which in my mind defeated the whole purpose of him having it.  I bought him a few new fancy sippy cups, but he always preffered his beloved 'baba'.

One day the nipple of the bottle slid down, and it leaked milk all over him.
He cried that it was broken and didn't want it anymore....

So that night I cut the tip off the bottle, and handed it to him.
He attempted to take a drink, drenched himself again.
Then said "uh oh.  It's broken" walked over and threw it away.

It was that easy.

Since then we've been 100% bottle free.

 Now we are onto potty training.  Not yet, but soon enough :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

smart momma! good work :-)

Amanda said...

nice blog update. Thats how I do mine now, all in one day. ( I just change the dates so it looks like I did them as we finished our activities)

Good luck with potty training. I started in March and we are still in progress.

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