Thanksgiving 2012

We had decided to stay home for thanksgiving this year.  We had invited family, but not many could make it.  
Luckily Danny and Monique, and Kelly made it :)  
Danny was our hired meat chef as always.
That man can cook some meat!

 I was in charge of dessert and salads, and Kevin was dishes and rolls.
 The turkey was DELISH.  We even had turkey sandwiches the next day.
 Our little table set and ready to chow.
 We slaved for hours.  To eat for 15-20 minutes.  Ha.

We also decided to do country gravy, which will now be a forever tradition.
And my favorite party of the whole day.  PIE.
We made peter schotts pie, and Kevin's Mom's lemon sour cream.

It was a great day to reflect on what we are thankful for, and all that we have.  And everything was delish.

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