Need a Spanking?

For those of you who don't know me, Suzi, that well. It's well known to my family that I have quite the temper. Here's my little complaint.

I was at target with Cody and Kevin. I LOVE their dollar section, I can always find something I love there. I was trying to get through when there were two women just standing there chatting about who the hell knows. Kevin went around the middle and was just looking at the outside while I tried to tackle my way through. I was trying to make it known that I wanted to get through without having to say "excuse me" (even though we know that would be just FAR too grown up for me). I stood there starring at said woman for a minute before I tried to skinny by her cart, nearly knocking it over with my butt. As I am trying to stand back up from the squatted position I found myself in just trying to look at some baby sunglasses she says to me "Am I in your way?" More of a statement than asking. I said nothing and walked away. What I really wanted to say if I could grow some brass stones would have been "Oh NO! Your not blocking the entire ilse with your useless conversation, please continue.....I'll wait!"

I am so grateful I have been learning to hold my tongue.

I told Kevin what happened and he just laughed knowing that I don't have a short fuse..... I just plain don't have one.

I text messaged my good friend Kristen and I said to here "I think I may have a temper." She replied with "Really?? Do you think so?". I won't lie, I just ended up laughing the rest of the way. I shook it off quickly and easily because of what she said. Ahhh I feel better.. Oh and after that first text message from her she said "Did you ram her with your cart???" Knowing that would be something I would do.

We didn't even end up buying the sunglasses I originally was going to.... we went with this pair


P.S. If you were even semi amused, cracked a grin, or laughed at this post, leave a comment.


Greg and Julie said...

Yes Suzie I did all of the above! Thanks for the laugh.

Ader Family said...

Most of your posts make me smile - but this one made me smile a bit more! and I totally hate when people do that too...hello!
love you!!

Josten and Sarah said...

This made me laugh mostly because the same thing happened to me at wal mart. I was trying to look at something and two women were having a conversation, except I actually did say Excuse me, and they just looked at me and went back to talking! Then, of course I was ticked, and when Josten asked me how much the item was,I just said really loud, "I don't know, I can't see it behind these people!". But I think you were nicer to just walk away. You crack me up!

Brynne said...

Your son looks like a pimp. :) You are hilarious, Suzie. I actually didn't know you had a temper!

Keli and Jacob Langston said...

I was very amused at your story :) If you have anymore...please share ;)

Liz and Grant said...

I laughed mostly because you're still wandering Target all these years later:) some things never change

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I was reading this to myself and Tasha was in the room so I had to stop and read it out load to her. We were both laughing saying that's our Suz. Miss ya tons.

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